m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm S (3-8kg)

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As the smallest version of m!ka EasyLift, the S-sized EasyLift Monitor Arm suits best for small distances and areas with limited space that require height adjustable monitors. It is the ideal fit for environments which require adjustments of amonitor's height, e.g. for multiple users who share a setup. Two versions of the S-sized arm with different load capacities (3-8kg 7-15kg) are available.



Check out this video at 1:38 to learn more about the different m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms and their mounting.

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With our m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm a whole new way of up-and-down movement is added to our renowned m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System. m!ka EasyLift delivers height adjustment made as smooth as possible. Regulate your height setting within the wink of an eye. No need to readjust booms every time you want to move your gear in a vertical direction. The integrated pneumatic spring will be taking a lot of work off your hands.


Be it a switch in seats or a setup which is used by different persons, our m!ka Monitor Arm allows you to customize your monitor’s position within seconds. Fully compatible with the whole m!ka system, you can take full advantage of the given variety of mounting options to tailor your setup to your individual needs.


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