m!ka Set 10: Single Monitor + Single Mic + CopyStand Set aluminum

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  Pre-mounted XLR-connectors are included.
As a package option, m!ka Sets faciliate the combination of multiple m!ka elements. m!ka Set 10 covers all the m!ka parts you need to integrate a monitor, a microphone and a copy stand into your setup. The m!ka Single Monitor + Single Mic + CopyStand Set creates the ideal conditions to easily attach them in any desired position. As part of m!ka Sets, alle m!ka Mic Arms On Air are equipped with pre-installed XLR-3 and XLR-5 connectors. You can connect your microphone right away without any further cable adjustments.
The set includes one m!ka On Air Microphone Arm M. Equipped with a bright dual color LED On Air indicator, the mic arm is not only adjustable to your microphone’s weight and puts your mic into the perfect position. It also allows users to signalize multiple statuses. 
Also part of the set are one m!ka Monitor Arm in size M and one m!ka Monitor Arm SL. The M-sized arm is suitable to mount a monitor with a weight up to 15kg. The SL arm covers up to 10kg weight. Equipped with a QuickFix Adapter for VESA75 and VESA100 fixtures, proper adjustment of only a few screws will lead to securely fastened monitors according to their weight and in any position you pull them to. Thanks to the Monitor Arms' swivel head joints, you can customize the horizontal and vertical inclination and separately define the force needed to change both. Be it a switch in seats or a setup which is used by different persons, our m!ka Monitor Arms allows you to customize your gear's position within seconds.
Another part of the set is the m!ka CopyStand M. Designed as a versatile script holder, it serves as an intelligent fixture system for scripts of any kind. The m!ka CopyStand M equips you with a universal script holder in A4 and letter panel format. Each m!ka CopyStand has to be combined with a m!ka Monitor Arm of your choice. Thus, you can make us of all the flexibility and all the mounting options available for m!ka Monitor Arms when it comes to placing your scripts and notes.
The m!ka Set also covers a m!ka System Pole M which is developed to mount and arrange your m!ka Monitor Arm according to your individual needs.


Including the m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit, the m!ka Set consists of all the items you need to permanently fix the m!ka System Pole to your desk. Use it to achieve maximum carrying capacity due to two large washers which secure a durable fit of your m!ka System Pole. One of the two washers will be visible on top, one will be hidden underneath your desk.



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