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litt Base Controllers

litt Base Controllers

The solid aluminum Base Controller is the fundamental element of every litt Signaling Device. As a connection and control element, it allows to easily mount up to five differently programmable segments on top of each other without the need of any tools. All the connecting parts are located inside the litt Base Controller, making the entire litt Signaling Device come in an extraordinarily clean and elegant look. The Base Controller is equipped with automatic litt Color Segment recognition, individual control inputs for each color (2,4-24VDC) and reverse polarity protection.


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litt 50 Base Controller aluminum

Product no.: YT9100

120.00 *
Immeadiately available from stock

litt 50 Base Controller Wall Mount aluminum

Product no.: YT9101

145.00 *

Orderable and available with increased delivery times due to high demand. Detailed information on delivery times available on request via or with the order confirmation.

litt 50 Base Controller black

Product no.: YT9700

120.00 *
Immeadiately available from stock
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