Intellimix X64 AoIP Extension (Livewire, RAVENNA, AES67, 64-channel)

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The optional X64 AoIP Extension for your Intellimix Focus or Intellimix II Desktop Mixer (producted until 2019) gets you enhanced AoIP conenctivity. With X64 you get 64-channel AES67 in and outs (8 streams), nDNS / SDP / RAVENNA Advertisement, Livewire+ Advertisement + GPIO Control, SAP / Dante Advertisement and NMOS Advertisement. On top, it makes your Intellimix SMPTE ST2110 ready.


The X64 AoIP Extension is integrated into your Intellimix Focus Base Unit. The Intellimix Base Unit is where the audio-processing takes place. Headphone and microphone inputs are directly accessible on its front side. All the other in- and outputs are located on the Base Unit's rear side. This is also the spot to access X64 AoIP.


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