SmartCard for Intellimix (1st Generation)

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The SmartCard for Yellowtec's 1st generation Intellimix Desktop Mixer is the key to personalized sounds. Instead of compromising and dealing with one-setting-fits-all approaches, you can use the SmartCard to easily customize your settings. Each combination of voice, microphone and studio environment requires individual settings to achieve an ideal result. With Intellimix, you can give every voice a unique and personal sound by storing up to three presets as individual settings for one speaker on the SmartCard.


From the control room to the newsroom – from the recording studio to the editing desk – with our SmartCard for the 1st generation Intellimix each speaker always has his personal presets with him. He may use his settings on each working place equipped with Intellimix by simply inserting his personal SmartCard. Since all parameters are stored on a SmartCard, you only have to set up Intellimix once. Store all the processing parameters on your SmartCard and easily change the inserted card whenever you want. Store up to three presets as individual settings for one speaker on one SmartCard.


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