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As one of the m!ka Extensions and fully compatible with the whole m!ka range, m!ka Studiolight is the perfect addition to your setup in terms of lighting. With m!ka Studiolight you experience perfect lighting conditions. Swiveable and tilting, you can easily adjust it to your individual needs. The same applies to the lighting itself. 




Check out the video at 2:07 to see m!ka Studiolight in action.

↪  More How To Clips about the m!ka Mounting System can be found here.


Dimm the light's brightness according to your own preference and set up the working conditions you need. Press short for switching ON/OFF. Press long to DIM up, press long again to DIM down. m!ka Studio Light will remember the last DIM value when switching it on again.


Compatible with the whole m!ka range, m!ka Studiolight perfectly fits the m!ka Microphone and Monitor Mounting System in terms of functionality and appearance. Just like m!ka Mic Arms it can be mounted on top of m!ka Poles or in many other ways with the help of m!ka Support.


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