litt 50 Base Controller Wall Mount aluminum

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Choose the litt 50 Base Controller Wall Mount to affix the litt Signaling Device to walls and other vertical surfaces of any kind. Just like the litt Base Controller for desk or pole mounting, the aluminum made Base Controller Wall Mount is capable of up to five color segments and a sound segment to be placed on top. Mix segments of different colors and sizes according to your personal preferences.


The Base Controller Wall Mounts’s connection panel consists of an 8-pin terminal block with a handy Phoenix Low-Insertion Force Connector, and a mini-USB jack. All the connecting parts are located inside the controller and segments, making the entire device come in an extraordinarily clean and elegant look. The Base Controller Wall Mount is equipped with automatic color segment recognition, individual control inputs for each color (2.4-24VDC) and reverse polarity protection



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Litt System Cable, 8 wires, color coded per meter Litt System Cable, 8 wires, color coded per meter
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