litt 50 Socket

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  A litt Base Controller and litt Segements are not included.


The litt Socket allows you to place the litt Signaling Device nearly everywhere. Allowing for flexibility, it gives you the possibility to reposition litt whenever you want to. Place your litt exactly where you need it at this certain point of time and relocate it whenever you need it somewhere else. With the help of the litt Socket, you are able to integrate the litt Signaling Device into every individual environment temporarily. The litt Socket secures its safe upright position.


Mount a litt Base Controller directly to the litt Socket or place a litt Riser between Base Controller and litt Socket. The litt Socket has to be fixed to either one of them.


  More information about litt can be found on the Yellowtec website.



Product Note Price
litt Riser S 120mm aluminum litt Riser S 120mm aluminum
19.00 € *
litt Riser M 240mm aluminum litt Riser M 240mm aluminum
23.00 € *
litt Riser L 360mm aluminum litt Riser L 360mm aluminum
25.00 € *
litt Mounting Flange aluminum litt Mounting Flange aluminum
20.00 € *
litt 50 Spoiler aluminum litt 50 Spoiler aluminum
22.00 € *
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