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iXm Bundle with PREMIUM Head (beyerdynamic) Omni

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From November 30 till December 7, we deliver a free software add-on with every iXm Recording Mic (except iXm Podcaster) and every iXm Bundle that is bought. Every customer buying one of these products automatically gets a license for the special Yellowtec Edition of Steinberg’s WaveLab editing software worth 150€ for FREE.
     More info about Steinberg's WaveLab Yellowtec Edition Editing Software


As an out-of-the-box solution to get started right away, the iXm Bundle suits best. Choosing the bundle with the iXm’s beyerdynamic PREMIUM head with omni-directional pattern, you equip yourself with the all-in-one package designed for recordings in quiet environments.

beyerdynamic’s omni-directional iXm Microphone Head is recommended for recordings of discussions and talks in conference rooms, voice recordings in your own office and other quiet surroundings. As an electret microphone head, it is created to capture smallest sound pressure levels. Its recording pattern is more sensitive in higher frequency ranges which results in a higher resolved pattern in the end zone compared to a dynamic microphone head.


Your iXm Bundle comes with an iXm Recording Microphone, an omni-directional PREMIUM beyerdynamic microphone head, one of our black Yellowtec windscreens and a 32GB Wifi SD Card. From the very start, this WiFi-SD-Card allows you to take full advantage of Yellowtec's iXm Uplink App for iOS and Android which is included as a free download version.


Use the iXm Uplink App to speed up your editing process by making use of its functions to archive, edit and upload your audio files wherever you need them and right on location. There is no need to add anything to the pouch to be recording ready.


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