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iXm WaveLab Bundle with PREMIUM Head (beyerdynamic) Supercardioid

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As a combination of Yellowtec recording equipment and a special Yellowtec Edition of Steinberg’s WaveLab mastering software, the iXm WaveLab Bundle is the perfect all-in-one package for audio recording and editing. By adding up perfectly leveled recordings with WaveLab’s editing tools, the bundle offers a production environment to optimize journalistic workflows. 


Choose the bundle with iXm’s beyerdynamic PREMIUM head with supercardioid pattern to equip yourself with the out-of-the-box solution designed for recordings in noisy environments. beyerdynamic’s supercardioid iXm PREMIUM Mic Head is designed for recordings in noisy environments. The supercardioid recording characteristic is recommended for for interviews in loud surroundings like major events, e.g. sporting events, motor sport races or concerts. 

To edit your recordings, we equip you with the WaveLab Yellowtec Edition production software which delivers enhanced tools for superb editing results. Providing an easy-to-use interface with a dedicated Yellowtec feature ribbon, it gives quick access to all essential functions. Known as a go-to audio mastering software for many engineers the world over, Steinberg’s WaveLab includes professional editing and analysis tools plus metadata management.


↪  Mehr Informationen über das iXm findest du auf der Yellowtec Website.



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