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Intellimix Pro Desktop Mixer

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The Intellimix Pro Dektop Mixer is designed as a full-blown 8-channel mixer with advanced AoIP connectivity as standard, extended I/Os and settings. It is designed as a mixing device to master every imaginale and complex 8-channel mixing task. Thanks to remote control options, admin mode and an unlimited ampunt of user profiles, Intellimix Pro is the ideal desktop mixer for shared workplaces. As standard, it offers connectivity to run multichannel AES67, Livewire+, RAVENNA, NMOS and ST2110.


The Intellimix Desktop Mixer stands for a whole new kind of mixing experience. It consists of two units. All the inputs and outputs are to be found on the Intellimix's 19" Base Unit while the Intellimix Control Unit is the place where the multitouch widescreen display and all the other operating elements are located. Thanks to the latest Intellimix Pro Octopus 8-channel firmware upgrade, Intellimix gets you control over another four inputs. All you need is one simple push on your Intellimix Control Unit's rotary control to switch between the sources 1-4 and 5-8.


The basic elements of the Intellimix Control Unit are its four G-Touch© fader, the multitouch widescreen display and a rotary control. As a whole new fader technology, the G-Touch© fader combines all the existing fader types' benefits in a whole new way. Receive an enormous responsiveness and physical orientation when sliding your fingers trough the molded groove. Make use of the option to preset fader positions and enjoy different fader modes as well as various LED bargraph indication options.


The Intellimix Base Unit is where the audio-processing takes place. Headphone and microphone inputs are directly accessible on its front side. All the other in- and outputs are located on the Base Unit's rear side. In contrast to Intellimix Focus, Intellimix Pro comes with built-in X64 AoIP solution. As series, it offers you connectivity to AES67, Livewire, Dante, RAVENNA, NMOS and SMPTE ST2110.


↪  More information about Intellimix can be found on the Yellowtec website.

*The USB driver uses the Windows Media Encoder (WME) by Microsoft Inc. and ASIO Driver Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. WME is a trademark and software by Microsoft Inc.




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