m!ka CamStud aluminum


m!ka CamStud aluminum

Product no.: YT3276

Available from 13.07.2020
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From now on, m!ka CamStud allows you to easily integrate a camera to your m!ka setup via 1/4" thread. It is your perfect choice for mounting standard cameras and webcams. Securing a clear view, the m!ka CamStud's integrated ball joint gives you the perfect camera angle. You're all set for any camera action.


By using the included screw, you can easily fix the aluminum-colored CamStud directly to any m!ka Mic Arm instead of a microphone. Alternatively, mount it on top of a litt Riser or m!ka System Pole to lift it up. With a diameter of 29mm the CamStud's diameter is the same as the litt Riser's. To mount litt on a m!ka System Pole, we recommend you to choose a litt Spoiler to get a smooth junction between m!ka Pole and m!ka CamStud. m!ka CamStud is also compatible with the m!ka System Pole Adapter. Fix the adapter to one of your m!ka System Pole's grooves and thus attach m!ka CamStud to the side of your Pole. For this mounting option, we also recommend to use a litt Spoiler which optionally can be combined with an additional second litt Spoiler and a litt Riser to lift up your CamStud.


Compatible with the whole m!ka range, m!ka CamStud perfectly fits the m!ka Mounting System in terms of functionality and appearance. Extending the m!ka system by introducing a seamless way to integrate cameras, m!ka CamStud can be mounted in multiple ways. Combine it with various m!ka elements to design a setup according to your needs.

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