iXm Windscreen Customized

Product no.: YT5110

Orderable and available with increased delivery times due to high demand. Detailed information on delivery times available on request via orders@yellowtec.com or with the order confirmation.

Possible delivery methods: UPS Standard in Germany, UPS Standard in EU, UPS Zone 5, UPS Zone 6, UPS Zone 7, UPS Zone 8, UPS Zone 9, UPS Zone 10, UPS Zone 11, UPS Zone 12

For recordings in windy environments we recommend to use a windscreen to eliminate unwanted background noises. Our iXm Windscreen perfectly fits onto your iXm Recording Microphone. It is made of premium polyester fabrics and is characterized by its rugged design. Customize it with your station logo and define your favorite color according to your specification to make iXm your own.


Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces


Content of delivery:

-    YT5110 iXm Windscreen customized





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