b-line bold Multi-line Phone Hybrid

b-line bold Multi-line Phone Hybrid

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As a powerful Multi-line Talk Show System with worldwide connectivity for POTS and optional VoIP, b-line bold is developed to get up to six callers at once. Due to its digital echo canceller, the feedback possibility in open-speaker applications is reduced. With the help of its expander caller signal noise is lowered. The perfectly balanced AGC delivers smooth consistent caller level. The result is a clear and beautiful sound.


b-line bold’s included Talkmaster Software® is optimized for touchscreens. Large displayed keyboard fields with distinct functions make operation both intuitive and reliable. Connecting over Ethernet via LAN interface, it can even accommodate setups with as many as three PCs.


The b-line bold Phone Hybrid comes with a DTMF generator, as well as an integrated DTMF analyzer which ensure callers who dial the correct code first will be highlighted within the Talkmaster Software®. Combine caller signals via a separate PreTalk interface for off-air conversation with the help of a specific function key available in the Talkmaster Software® or on the optionally available front panel keypad.


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b-line bold Handset b-line bold Handset
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b-line bold Headset b-line bold Headset
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b-line bold Talkmaster® Software (additional license) b-line bold Talkmaster® Software (additional license)
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b-line bold PreTalk Streaming Upgrade b-line bold PreTalk Streaming Upgrade
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